Thank you for your continued patronage of Karakubuy! ! This is Phebe from Karakubuy! ♪
Why is your name Phoebe all this time? There was a customer who asked me if I was from America.
Come to think of it, I should have explained from the beginning (*´∀`*)

I'm not from, but the name certainly has something to do with America.
Do you know the American TV drama "Friends" that was a big hit for 10 years from 1994☟

I'm a huge fan of that drama and have watched it dozens of times. Among them, one of my favorite starring characters is named Phebe, so I'm using it. Sorry for using it without permission!

Now! The item I would like to introduce this time is also related to the drama! ♪♪(≧∇≦*)
Do you know the line, "Stay true to your beliefs and become the hopes of others?"

That's right, that famous line from "Dancing Great Search Line"! !

Ahh, I really like this line, and every time I remember it, tears come to my eyes. (´;ω;`)
It's super cool! !

Among them, the field hoodie worn by Yuji Oda, the star of the series, has become extremely popular!
Now, the design that matches not only the casual scene but also the business scene has become popular and has become an item that jumps over genres.

Yes, that's right, let's get to the point here.
That "M-51 Sheepboa Liner Fishtail Coat", which is very useful when it gets cold, will appear again this year!

Here's how I'm wearing it☟

Karakubuy M-51 Sheepboa Liner Fishtail Coat
Color: Army Green
Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Price: ¥16900 (tax included)

In addition to using a cot material with high heat retention, it features a texture that is excellent in wind and cold protection, and has been updated with an urban coloring.

Equipped with 2 pockets with partitions that secure storage from the front chest to the waist, full of functionality!

A drawcord at the waist that changes the silhouette.

Suitable for active scenes such as climbing, cycling, hiking, and trekking, and can be worn all around town.

In addition, the shoulder line is very beautiful when worn, so you can wear it in just the right size or a little oversized to maintain a beautiful silhouette.

What do you think.

For those who don't have this classic fishtail coat,

I definitely recommend this winter!

Warm and cool, why don't you spend this winter♪♪

Good night then~

Items featured today:

Karakubuy M-51 Sheepboa Liner Fishtail Coat
Color: Army Green
Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Price: ¥16900 (tax included)

Thank you for reading this far! (*´∀`*)

November 25, 2021 — Karakubuyonline

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