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When I eat lunch today, it's too hot and I'm drenched in sweat♪♪
I came to work wearing a light knit, but
At lunch time, the sun was so strong that I got sweaty.
By the way, I ordered the delivery of Taiwan Mazesoba for lunch after a long time, and here it is☟

Already, I was impressed by the stable deliciousness! ! ! ! Thank you for the meal!

So, like kk, have you ever made a mistake by choosing clothes that are not suitable for the temperature? There are many people who worry about what to wear, especially when it suddenly gets cold or hot.

Therefore, I think everyone checks the weather forecast properly before going out, but it is important to have convenient items according to the "temperature".

So, as it's getting colder, today I'd like to introduce you to three recommended clothes for each temperature that are convenient even when you're on the move.

Temperature 10 degrees & recommended items☟

A temperature of 10°C is common in spring, autumn, and winter. 10 degrees is the average temperature in December in Tokyo. The lowest temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius in November and April, and the highest temperature repeatedly goes up and down to 10 degrees Celsius from December to March.
The temperature can make you feel quite chilly, and especially in spring and autumn, there are many days when the difference in temperature between day and night is extreme, and it is also a time when it is easy to get windy, so you will be worried about coordinating.
When the temperature is 10 degrees, it's the same in winter, but in spring and autumn, a jacket with high heat retention is more convenient and perfect for daily life than a thick coat.

Here it is ☝ genuine leather back embroidery leather jacket

This item is easy to put on and take off, it is light and easy to move around in, and is cool for work or everyday use.
White T-shirts, plain T-shirts, Oxford shirts, striped tops, hoodies, khaki shirts, etc. are good for innerwear.
For bottoms, we recommend pairing it with denim pants and work boots for a wild and rugged look.
It is very easy to match, and at the same time, it is light and stress-free to wear.

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Temperature 7 degrees & recommended items☟

A day with a temperature of 7 degrees is a cold winter season when the average temperature drops to around 5 degrees in Tokyo around January and February. On days when the highest temperature is 7 degrees, the lowest temperature can be close to freezing. Wear warm clothes to keep yourself warm.
Of course, you can stay warm if you wear a sweatshirt or knit top as well as a coat. On days when you spend a lot of time indoors, knitwear makes it easy to adjust the temperature and is comfortable.

Here are our recommended items ☝Fair Isle Pattern Knit High Neck

Of course, this item can be used as an inner layer inside an outer layer, and will elevate your overall coordination.
Because it is an item that has an impact and is eye-catching, it is a knit item that can be made in one piece, so it is recommended to combine it with tapered or wide pants for a relaxed impression.
It is highly versatile and recommended design knit that can be used for various coordination.

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Temperature 5 degrees & recommended items☟

If you say "temperature 5 degrees",
In Tokyo, the average temperature drops to around 5°C around January and February. On the other hand, in northern Japan, the average temperature can drop below 5°C from November to April.
Depending on the day, there are days when the temperature drops to 0 degrees, so cold weather accessories are also necessary. Choose thick outerwear that retains heat.

It is essential to add winter outerwear and down coats to create a cold-weather outfit for the real winter!
This item is made based on the M-51 hoodie, and has a fairly thick padding that provides excellent heat retention.
Made of cotton material, soft to the touch. In addition, details such as the silhouette and functional pockets are firmly followed.
The drawcord at the waist makes your figure more three-dimensional and beautiful. The placement of rubber cuffs keeps the inside of the coat warm by blocking the wind from the outside. This item can be used for everything from outdoor activities such as camping to wearing around town.

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November 30, 2021 — Karakubuyonline

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