The coolest thing I've personally been looking for all along

Vintage military arrived.

Finally, content that satisfies both size and condition

I was able to find it.

It's absolutely the coolest.

If you like clothes, you will be sucked in at first sight

Eye-catching and unique details

Recognized among military items

Isn't it an item?

Adopted by the Swedish army in the 1960s

It becomes the motorcycle jacket for motorcycle troops.

60s swedish army motorcycle jacket

It is more popular overseas than in Japan, and this size

Dead stock is one that is really hard to find these days.

Made of 100% thick cotton material that makes you feel the age

Comes with an acrylic liner, so you can wear it warmly even in the cold.

For pockets and windbreaks on the chest

This jacket is full of functional beauty, such as the front that is shifted to the side.

High design, details, atmosphere, etc.

I think it's a completely modern piece.

A silhouette peculiar to this age

It is the first place to match the present feeling well.

We recommend that you drop your shoulders and wear it loosely.

The style with the front closed

Roughly open style and wearing both

Recommended. not in casual clothes

Detail and aura peculiar to the military

This is the coolest piece that will attract more attention in the future.

It is a jacket that can be used until spring by removing the liner.

It is an old item, but the condition is

It will be a great jacket.

Hard to find in this item

in a smaller size of 50

Good silhouette balance, most in demand

Good size.

Because it is one piece that will not be received in the middle of the day

If you are looking for it, please take this opportunity.

Wearing model height 175 cm weight 69 kg
Size wearing 50C (M degree)

60s swedish army motorcycle jacket

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