KARAKU Masterpiece 12 (Green)

It's a loss if you don't know, I'll teach you really good things♪

Green is the trend color this winter.

Even in men's wear, military wear based on olive green,

It is popular for dressing in an American casual style.

It goes well with any color, and it's cool even if it's a single item.

It's not like I'm making a big claim, but there is an absolute sense of security that it will definitely upgrade your outfit to a certain level.

That's why I can't help but reach out.
Absolute loss if you don't know! Take your time and look at these 12 masterpieces~♪

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The design and warmth were just as I expected.
Customer reviews
The design is cool!
Customer reviews
Although it is a try-on level, the product is warm and good. However, I (170 cm 66 kg) feel a little tight in M ​​if I wear a thin sweater underneath, so I'm currently asking about exchanging for L. If you want to buy a mods coat, this is the place to go. Sewing is also solid. We guarantee it's a bargain.