vintage peach skin quilted coat

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size chart

size Length shoulder width bust Sleeve Length cuff
S. 72 53.5 129 56 10.5
M. 74 55 133 57 11.5
L. 76 56.5 137 58 12.5
XL 78 58 141 59 13.5
2XL 80 59.5 145 60 14.5
*There may be errors in the texture and color depending on the viewing device and environment such as your computer. Thank you for your understanding.

*There are some errors in the size chart due to the characteristics of the fabric and weave of the product. Please note.

Description of item
Light and warm quilted coat with excellent usability
(Polyester with excellent durability)
Soft texture perfect for everyday use.
In addition, it is wrinkle resistant, so it does not lose its shape.
■ Rough and big silhouette Sizing that allows you to enjoy the loose feeling with oversized shoulder width and body width.
With its loose and exquisite looseness, you can create a trendy outfit just by wearing it.
It's roomy enough to comfortably wear knits and sweatshirts, and it's easy to layer and works well into the middle of winter.
■ Warm piping with padding gives it a moderately casual feel, yet gives it a somewhat elegant impression.
An excellent item that can be quickly put on when it's chilly. Filled with cotton for warmth in early spring.
■ Unisex design that is easy to wear The design can be worn by both men and women, and is recommended for sharing with couples and families or as a gift.
This item can be enjoyed by women as it can be worn oversized for a mature look.
■ Highly practical detail Cuban collar goes great with hood items and mufflers.
There are convenient open pockets on both sides, making it easy to put things in and take them out.
It is convenient when you need to go out for a short time, such as a smartphone, wallet or gloves.
It is a versatile piece that can be worn in a variety of ways, such as casual, street, neat, and Korean, while maintaining a trendy feel.
It is a simple yet highly versatile main outerwear that is popular this season.
Pair with cargo pants, sweatpants, and wide denim for a more trendy look!
You can enjoy various coordination depending on the item, and it goes well with various styles such as Korean street, old clothes mix, and casual ◎
Material Polyester 92.3%

Available in 2 colors that are easy to mix and match

model wear


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