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"Indian Apache Eagle/Warrior" MA-1 Leather Flight Jacket

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A popular run-up that incorporates KaraKu's representative motif "Battle Squadron"!
"MA-1" is an outerwear for the US Air Force developed around the 1950s. There are many reversible models, and the lining is basically orange, which is a rescue color. The orange lining is called Rescue Orange, a practical detail that was developed so that the pilot who escaped from the fighter plane can wear it with the orange face up so that it can be easily found by the rescue team.
This item has an embroidered badge of an Apache warrior on the left sleeve, and it is another fun point to bring out your individuality and masculinity.The back has an embroidered badge with the Apache eagle symbol.In many tribes of Indians, the eagle is It is said to bring messages as a messenger of God from the father sky. The viscose material is used as the main material, and it has a silky luster that looks and feels good on the skin. At the same time, the lining is made of polyester material, which has an elegant luster and texture, and is full of vintage feel. Instead of using the standard orange, we adopted a black color that makes it look more masculine, and the color variation is a nice point. Ribs are placed on the sleeves and hem to keep the inside of the jacket warm as well as the flaps that block the wind from the outside. It brings out a military style full of masculinity, and can be used in a wide range of situations, from town use to outdoor activities.

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A dress material: 100% of viscose
Lining: 100% polyester
Features: Indian/MA-1
Related categories: Tops / Jackets
Gender Type: Men's

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