Artisan Aizome Boro Patchwork Aloha Shirt

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By creating patterns from scratch, we are reviving historical clothes as modern fashion!
More than 150 years ago, when things were overflowing, boro fashion was used in the cold regions of the Tohoku region, where sashiko was sewn on layers of hemp cloth to keep out the cold. If it was worn out or torn, it was patched and repaired with sashiko. In this way, cloth has been used for a long time, and various fabrics and patterns are intricately entwined with family history and memories, giving off a unique beauty. Currently, he is attracting attention overseas, and his art is highly evaluated mainly in Europe and the United States. It is appreciated like enjoying an abstract painting, and the word "BORO" is now used in English.
KaraKu has been thinking about the history and background of "boro" and the lives of people at that time. However, rather than simply remaking boro, in order to sublimate it into modern fashion, we created a pattern from scratch, dismantled the fabric, and reconstructed it.
This item is an Aloha shirt made by arranging various old cloth materials in a patchwork pattern. In addition to being finished with indigo dyeing craftsmanship, it is a rare model that cannot be mass-produced because it takes a huge amount of time and labor because each piece is hand-made by craftsmen. A material that fascinates with its rough texture and the color and expression of each thread that makes up the fabric. Yarn-dyed fabric woven in a dobby weave in a sashiko style, using threads that have been dyed just for the fabric. Threads of varying shades from indigo to white are woven into carefully calculated patterns. A number of threads are bundled and finally sewn by hand one by one. Because the threads are bundled, each has its own presence, and various expressions are expressed in checks and stripes. The material is 100% cotton, and the point is the texture that combines lightness, softness and durability, and it is very comfortable to wear. As you continue to wear it, the seams will show up and you can grow it into a piece of your own.

Care: Washable
Fabric thickness: standard
Silhouette: relaxed
Elasticity: None
Lining: None

Product details <br data-mce-fragment="1"> Material: 100% cotton
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Gender Type: Men's

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71 52 124 29


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74 56 128 30
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